Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anchor Position

Anchor Position

we could carry fields of sun beneath our skin,
in our hands, under our eyes,
breathe in the salty fragrance
of ocean air
to fill silence with
a warmer stillness,
vaguely remembering
outstretched palms sailing off across
uneven cliff sides.

do you feel the distance
our bodies position according to
breathed words,
simple thoughts of flight---
to ward off hazardous memories
that disregard
here for there,
solace for understanding,
memory for love,
frowning constellations for face shapes?

we could count crumpled bones,
momentum heavier than worded
breaths carving a sympathetic pace
of fragments fastening anchors
to walls, where directions keep invented memories
of synchronization;
love breaking an aching
of midsections
and numbers.
we make light of
fashioning shells for insides.

--Julie Hashimoto-McCreery is a graduate of Southern Oregon University and have recently been published in Going Down Swinging and Grasslimb.

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