Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Winter King Selection 8

The slave sleepwalking tied this cataclysm
together with the tip of his clarion tongue
until my mind digested it and my knees
weakened and buckled into a fold.

Unable to escape the sound of myself falling,
I sought to leave the gray sands behind.
I grasped the two remaining tears
as I slammed to the floor. The breath
hammered out of me as a bass and
violent spasm shot across my nerves,
and the beads launched from my hand
and soared into the cavity—the cave,
the vortex that loomed voraciously, and I,
a morsel, leapt into the mouth of the
black hole.

--Michael Aaron Casares is the editor of Carcinogenic Poetry and owns/operates Virgogray Press, an indie press working out of Austin, TX that specializes in poetry chapbooks and anthologies. His work has appeared in several recent online and print publications. He has authored four collections of poetry with Virgogray, New Polish Beat and Shadow Archer Press. Michael also paints; his work can be seen at the Calcasieu Gallery and other venues in San Antonio, TX.

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Lynn Alexander said...

I did not realize until I heard from Bill Shute that Michael also does audio, which is pretty cool.