Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Art of Kristin Fouquet

I have always admired birds, especially ravens and crows. The dark birds seem more mysterious, as if harboring secrets. For many years, I kept an artificial raven over my chamber door as homage to Poe.

When Full of Crow was created, I had a story and a photography gallery published there. It was about the time MiCrow was branching off, that I had the vision for this photograph. After shooting it and naming it, “Two Birds,” I sent it to Lynn Alexander. I was delighted she wanted to use it as the main cover image for Full of Crow. She changed the name to the more appropriate “Two Crows” and designed the page around it.


Michael Solender said...

Kristin rocks! she always strikes the right mood with the various projects she supports and has a great eye for the unusual angle.. love her work.

Lynn Alexander said...

Me too, I always call her the Crow "go to" gal for just the right images.

Her photographs really fueled my long standing desire to see New Orleans, and having just returned- I can see her ability to capture it in her work. I feel like she can take me back there.