Friday, July 30, 2010

The Art of Kristin Fouquet

I am fortunate to live in New Orleans, which provides many subjects. With my street photography, I feel more connected with my city and its other inhabitants. One aspect of this is street portraiture. I particularly love taking photographs of street musicians.

Last year, the publisher of Rank Stranger Press told me about a new collection of short stories being published and asked me if I had any ideas for cover art. I sent along a cropped picture of a street musician, which became the cover of A.M. Garner’s book Undeniable Truths.


Anita Miller Garner said...

Had never seen the entire shot before, only the cropped version. It is dynamite anyway you look at it. Thanks for sharing this. I will pass it along :-)

Carrie said...

Definitely a lot of feeling embedded in that small space or the full shot. Congrats.