Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the Wall

On the Wall
When I ask my son what he is doing
as he stares past my head, to the white wall death
says, "I am thinking."
"Thinking! Silly boy. Thinking is a terrible disease to have. It ruins potential, and it kills
I continue on for few moments before he lets his ice blue eyes destroy me.
"I'm still thinking." He says. I give in and ask what is preventing his action, what could he possibly be thinking...
"I am thinking about how to make you be quiet."
And he focuses once more
on the wall
 Lara Konesky is a 31-year-old gypsy/mother/teacher from Columbus, Ohio. She enjoys outlaws, exaggerations, working with refugees, barbaric and rebellious children, burdens, and sobriety. After extensive philosophical training, she decided the only real life was the life of the poet. Lara's first book, Next to Guns, can be found at (Grievous Jones Press, 2009). She recently co-edited (with Andrew Taylor, Erbacce Press) and contributed to Blood at the Chelsea (Erbacce Press 2010), an anthology of writers writing for other writers. You can also read Lara's work online and in print at New Aesthetic, Gutter Eloquence, Word Riot, and various other rad places.

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