Saturday, July 10, 2010



The seamstress's doll is
the only one
following the recognizable patterns

once the old ones have
been tested and found
they will not do, will never

for the measured
forms precisely
laid out in grids

for cutting or spread-eagled,
pressed flat, steam
ironed all the wrinkles

have been removed,
darts added,
seams ripped apart, then

fed once more through
the presser's mangle
until new measurements

may be taken, fitted, stretched
out on racks
for adjustments while new patterns

are being made, pins applied,
needles, threaded eyes....;
dyeing in this manner is never easy.

--Alan Catlin's work has appeared just about everywhere. He clones himself to be prolfic. Alan's work can be found at or in: Abbey, Iodine Poetry Journal, ZYX, Calliope Nerve, Brevities, and Origami Condom amongst others.

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