Monday, July 19, 2010

The Regulars at Crazy Eights

The Regulars at Crazy Eights

There are men who bet
their paychecks on the flip
of a single card;
mortgage their homes
for a roll of the bones;
chance their car keys
on the nine in the side pocket.

Many of these men go
to church on Sundays and pray
for a big win next time,
for their wives to return,
or for their children to be luckier.

Penniless, these men
throw stones in collection plates.
They come to the pool hall
in lieu of confession
and look to my husband
for absolution. 

These men troll the tables
with baited smiles.
Their eyes open like hymnals—
so wide, like the holes
in their stories,
that you can fall
through them
and never hit the ground.

1 comment:

pottygok said...

I really like the balance between the religious attitudes and the self-destructive attitudes in this piece. The back and forth between the two, and they way the characters approach both, is quite evocative.