Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Sorceress Disordered

The Sorceress Disordered

after Leona Carrington

Her study is the place
where clairvoyance is
perfected, human eyes
grafted into images of
a menagerie of mythic
beasts, fetish dolls she
hangs from the ceiling
or makes sprout from
apothecary jars, their
mostly human bodies
topped with the heads
of birds, stuffed creatures
seemingly suspended in
mid-air by invisible wires
alls scented by aromatics
and spiced rescued from
a medieval den of rarefied
sciences, arcania revealed
as containing nearly lost
secrets of alchemists and
rune shape shifters, those
black magi of tormented
dreaming responsible for
the silence of sharks
swimming in her near-deaf
ears; the hearing trumpet
she uses for establishing
communication misapplied
as a conduit leading directly
inside where all the colored
glass from all the séances
conducted here, from all
the demi-religious rites, lie
scattered, broken beyond

--Alan Catlin's work has appeared just about everywhere. He clones himself to be prolfic. Alan's work can be found at or in: Abbey, Calliope Nerve, Iodine Poetry Journal, ZYX, Brevities, and Origami Condom amongst others.

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