Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sycamores Pulse

Sycamores Pulse

The exposed roots of sycamores pulse
in sand soil
above coyote shelters in hollow rock.
Your necklace strand of islands drifts
in the river,
I canoe here
as the laughter of herons against silence of sky
defines the consciousness of my body.
I cry out
as the naked light replaces my voice.

--John Swain lives in Louisville, Kentucky. His chapbooks, Prominences and Sinking of the Cloth appeared from Flutter Press and Set Apart Before the World Was Made appeared from Calliope Nerve Media. Full of Crow published his ebook, The Feathered Masks and a forthcoming chapbook, Burnt Palmistry.

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Lynn Alexander said...

I like having a few pieces by one writer, kind of clustered together.

I like when a writer is kind of "highlighted", and you can see different examples and focus on that one person for a bit. I am working backwards so I already read the ones after this by John.