Saturday, July 3, 2010

Volusia Veracity

Volusia Veracity
merlot monsoon wine the palms-
ormond beach orphaned
fury of neptune.
protracted face mercy smile
sunshine state liar
personal vendetta renewed.
irish coffee newspaper-
suffice reality, appease regret
john ford high noon
alcohol by volume first aid.
cum stains spot doppler
projections-male member groans
excessive intercourse inevitable.
hydrogen/oxygen play god-

--In 1983, Lawrence Gladeview was born to two proud and semi-doting parents. After two middle schools and losing his faith in Catholic high school, he graduated from James Madison University, majoring in English and having spent only one night in jail. He is a Washington D.C. poet cohabiting with his fiance Rebecca Barkley. Lawrence is one of two editors for MediaVirus Magazine, and more than thirty of his poems have been featured in print and online publications. You can read more of his poetry on his website, Righteous Rightings.

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