Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Winter King Selection One: The Three Tears Falling

The Three Tears Falling

Hollow bells ring in my head as I walk
the crystal sea. The surface dense like
cement sets as frozen stone supports me.

Sanctuary on the vast body of solidified
life where stale black waves have crisped
to sullen turrets towering like ripples frozen
in time. Nothing existed on that plain but
black diamond underfoot.

A low, sweeping lull caused thin ice plates
to vibrate with the tenor of celestial bodies.
The sheets of my mind hummed, with a
tense quickening, a nervous grasp like a
tuning fork threatening to shatter fragile

A grim reflection came through
the introspection my ringing ears
asked for. My soul sought to separate
personal truths from reality, but in the
mesh of white sand snow and onyx
waters—silence provided no sanctuary.

The adjacent city cast a silhouette like
a corpse falling in the ground. Like an
effigy, like a memorial erected for heroes,
their shapes faded—the stiff black monoliths
vexed the sky, and I wondered what this
journey secretly disguised.

Immediately then, I was inclined to reach
into my pocket and pull up those three tears;
they strived to shine in the half light, but dulled
against the subdued sky.

Upon seeing the glassy beads,
a presence burrowed at the base
of my throat, a splint that snapped
my neck and bone. My heart beat,
wishing to palpitate like the mind
in time with the souls fleeting sanctity.
I thought of she as my heart ached
and gazed deeply in the three tears wake:

--Michael Aaron Casares is the editor of Carcinogenic Poetry and owns/operates Virgogray Press, an indie press working out of Austin, TX that specializes in poetry chapbooks and anthologies. His work has appeared in several recent online and print publications. He has authored four collections of poetry with Virgogray, New Polish Beat and Shadow Archer Press. Michael also paints; his work can be seen at the Calcasieu Gallery and other venues in San Antonio, TX.

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