Thursday, August 5, 2010



Broom slaps deerskin
stretched between
hope and despair.

Preparing our brains
for the Brujo.

We live in a Disney universe,
avoiding despair,
only to find our SUV’s
sunk to their hips in thick kelp 
strangling the barnacle-encrusted pilings
of our threadbare faith.

    ooooo piooooo

Ahh, this is more like it,
mango clocks clicking like gingerbread mice
or starving witches escaping
popular German fairy tales.

This is not the appropriate
time to give up talking.

In fact, this is not the appropriate
time for anything, specifically.

Politics is a mechanical monkey
slapping his pancake hands together
right on cue.

But when that monkey’s cheap-ass batteries
wear out,
we’re all fucked!

Alan Britt’s recent books are Hurricane (2010), Greatest Hits (2010), Vegetable Love (2009), Vermilion (2006), Infinite Days (2003), Amnesia Tango (1998) and Bodies of Lightning (1995). Britt’s work also appears in the new anthologies, American Poets Against the War, Metropolitan Arts Press, 2009 and Vapor transatl├íntico (Transatlantic Steamer), a bi-lingual anthology of Latin American and North American poets, Hofstra University Press/Fondo de Cultura Econ├│mica de Mexico/Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos de Peru, 2008.

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