Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midnight Sisters

 Midnight Sisters

i am two

i wish i had been more

with a scream
in the torrent of being
i already was

there was too much noise
so i opened a book
in search of silence

they gave me
told me to flower
bear fruit
after season

a storm came
then the rains
there was a flood

no one noticed but me

lost the clay
which trusted my roots

lost my branches
in an instant
of midnight

my seed tossed high

roots burnt

swaying branches
no longer whispered

in oblivion's lament

i sowed
what seed was left
in remote zones of silence

Dom Gabrielli studied literature at Edinburgh University and prepared for his doctorate in Paris and New York. In Paris, Gabrielli’s passion for French literature and thought led him to begin writing, translating, and teaching. He translated widely including published works by Bataille,  Leiris and Jabes. In the early 1990’s, he left the academic world to travel and devote himself to writing, whilst pursuing various business ventures. He has published two books to date. The Eyes of a Man, his first book of poetry, and The Parallel Body, which earned considerable praise. Both books were published by Ziggurat Books International. Gabrielli currently travels extensively.

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