Sunday, August 29, 2010

They, It & You

They, It & You

they ain't writing to ask if you're alright
they ain't mentioning you to secure your future good

it's like that stuff that was eaten
it's like that guy that she introduced her best friend to at the ball game
f'get about whatever that was you drank

there's no name there
perhaps in creviced connection the thing is recorded
a simple, single sufficiency
The point here is that something that is shaped by everyone together
is describing your shape to me.
I imagine others have impressions in their mind.
Some of them, conscious of you, have negative angles
others have positive measure. The direction of the two are the same.
-something about the starting point and the turn they take to reach it.

It's working it out. One of them things that many never bring themselves
to move. It's like a bus for a mommy.

The course it's taking will arrive at something. All about you is scrawled on the sides like the name of some new school district or the message of someone that shared a name with a Barbie doll. It won't be a name even when it reaches that moment though. You will never be likened to the driver when the story is recounted. You will be you by then to those that know you by then.

The bus may roll or careen or be lifted up above what would, in reality, be the solid ground. You will not be identified as the mother by then. You will be You to those that will know you by then.

Those that translated you before your arrival and hinted at you and slanted slates in directions without simply announcing or introducing you will have found new dishes, new guys, new houses. But you will be here which is closer to the place that you are heading than the place where you were when all of that that will have passed began.


"I don't actually exist when I'm not writing." -HP Tinker

--E.C. Well is a bit terrified by some of the things that he has encountered. He attempts to maintain a fierce and penetrating devotion to truth, justice, and finding a way. Do not assume you identify. His view is from a perspective that requires most to step far outside of the lines that have for some time been "lives". The result is usually something far crisper and desirous; far more simple to achieve than believed; and far more tantalizing in its complexity. Self-recommended doses of these can be found in the words of his conversations and the things they describe.

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