Saturday, September 4, 2010



I like to sit around and do nothing.
I like to lie.
I usually don't even tell people I am busy or that I have been working.
I wait and wait.
People rely on me and some admire what I make.
Sometimes I slip duplicitous or multiplicituos lines into my work.
The lines say that I that think something is rotten or that I do not like someone.
In Shakespeare it is revered. Today,
it has become old and enslaving.

-doesn't even taste good sometimes, but it tastes like so much of the fine things.
I have to eat like anyone, so maybe that is why the system has begun to nibble at my words.
Shelter is a desirous asset in today's world, especially for those with noses and minds.
Perhaps that is why we are all doing the things that we do.


"I don't actually exist when I'm not writing." -HP Tinker

--E.C. Well is a bit terrified by some of the things that he has encountered. He attempts to maintain a fierce and penetrating devotion to truth, justice, and finding a way. Do not assume you identify. His view is from a perspective that requires most to step far outside of the lines that have for some time been "lives". The result is usually something far crisper and desirous; far more simple to achieve than believed; and far more tantalizing in its complexity. Self-recommended doses of these can be found in the words of his conversations and the things they describe.

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Calliope Nerve seems to be taking a new direction.