Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mus (the mouse)

Mus (the mouse)

I was tired again, with moderate-to-severe hunch pains --Thom Jones

a rodenticide that looks like corn
destroys the beta cells of the pancreas
causing instant diabetes
followed by chest pains
impaired intellect
and finally death
don’t feel sorry for me

pity tracks the diabetic
with severe hypoglycemia
like a homing device
I will develop an incredible thirst

an overdose of strychnine
destroys the nerves
and causes convulsions
the sick cannot bear bright light
it is a prolonged death of utter torment

shrunken thymus glands
a swelling in the cranial cavity
shrivelling of the adrenal glands
yet some men
drink huge amounts of coffee

--SJ Fowler (1983) has had poetry published in over 60 journals & magazines since the beginning of 2010 and his first collection is released later this year by Veer books. He is a member of the Writers forum poetry group and an employee of the British Museum. He edits the Maintenant interview series for 3am magazine introducing contemporary European poetry into the English language.

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