Friday, September 17, 2010

To The Vote (State Censored version)

To The Vote (State Censored version)

(Some posts cut for public morale)

The Life Forum – UK Section – Mandatory Voting - Governmental Bills – Voting Closed
Thread: A Bill to tackle those on BENEFITS/ SCUMMY neighbourhoods
View poll results: Should this Bill pass?

Yes 13, 452
No 8, 356
Voters: 21, 808. You have already voted on this poll.

Minister for Home Affairs


To remove certain individuals relating to the use of benefits from the land comprising the former counties of England, to make provision for the extermination of any human remains from the land.]

This Bill is put forward for public consummation.


First post! Yes!

Trevor Marnock

Finally the government do something about layabouts who cost hard-working tax payers money.

Minister for Justice

Re - Asbo
That’s spam. Please surrender to the Online Castration Department for removal of inadequate posts.

Marx Fan

What is this, some sort of Orwellian state?

Marx Fan

Minister for Justice

Re - Marx Fan

Actually, I think you will find this IS an Orwellian state.

Justice Lover

LMAO! Pawned.

Minister for Justice

Just to let you all know, Marx Fan has been banned, and we are tracing his ISP.

Mr Cromwell

Another example of the idea that people on benefits must be made to suffer or be exterminated. The working man should have a working wage, and those on benefits be given enough to survive on.

Marx Fan


An interesting Bill. It seems there are two outcomes from this debate. Either a vote of “NO” is cast, and humanity postpones its eternal shame briefly, or a vote of “YES” as is the norm, and forever more this day will be cast as one of infamy.

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

You may recognise the quote. It is from the original Human Rights Act, so shamefully thrown out by this government three decades ago.

I will vote NO, I will vote NO publicly and loud, and implore the rest of you to do the same.

We can only succeed if we make a stance.

John Alexander

Re - Mr Cromwell
LOL! Self-merkdom! You signed under your old account! Fool!

Patriotic Lion

Aghashhdhfhhsahdhfhshsfhshfhfhg What an idiot!

Minister for Justice

I have nothing to say on the matter.

Marx Fan.

Patriotic Lion

Ahahdhfhghgghhg! Very good, Minister!

Marx Fan

Minister for Justice

Marx Fan’s sock has been banned. His punishment has been uplifted to inhumane execution.

Lucy M

Anyone who votes the wrong way in this poll should be eaten by crocodiles.
This is not a threat because I am not a crocodile.

Paul Robes

My taxes are going down the drain. I have to work a 12 hour day, feed four kids, pay for an ex-wife, and live in a bedsit with two other hard working honest mates. This woman down the road, she has no kids, an unemployed husband, Sky TV, a swimming pool, a pet anaconda and a private army. All on benefits, taking from my hard working pay. By voting YES, I hope the government will set the anaconda lose on the rest of the scum in the neighbourhood, drown her in her own swimming pool, nationalise her private army and give me her Sky TV. Because I am entitled to it.

John Alexander

I agree with Paul Robes. I pay my taxes. Why should I have to pay someone elses? If you can’t get a job, and with 73% mobility, I can’t see why anyone who bothers can’t, then you should face extermination. It is the only logical step forward for us to progress as a society.



Only those earning 40k a year should get benefits. Tax benefits!

Guy Fawkes

Re - Paul Robes
This sort of thing exemplifies the process by which the big businesses exert their power over the masses.

Bonfire Builder

Build a bonfire! Build a bonfire
Put the homeless on the top
Put the scroungers in the middle
And we’ll burn the f***** lot!

Minister for Justice

Re - Bonfire Builder
What a lovely song.


Voting on the lives of millions and we haven’t reached a second page. I am ashamed.

Minister for Home Affairs

Voting closed. The Bill has passed. Thank you for your support.

Minister for Justice

Clean-up operations will now commence. Please be patient.
This thread will now close.

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