Monday, October 25, 2010



I swear my friend, this place
is a blight
on the landscape of the American dream
Dream is a buzzword    America is a buzzword

this state of my art
secession of mind

cessation of ego
product barcode
case number

bearded asshole paystub
downtown loft
uptown wardrobe

everyday singularity
eating at my sense
of that growing
possession of mine

it’s not yours
not the radio's
my past
my id
your fashion

this place
this ash
this dream
of you

you are a buzzword.

 --John Sobieck studied creative writing at Bemidji State University and Oxford University. He has been published in "Rivers Meeting" and "The Lowestoft Chronicle" and is a former editor of "Dust and Fire" and "New Voices". He currently serves as an editorial intern at Milkweed Editions in Minneapolis,Minnesota.

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