Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carnival of Oleanders

Carnival of Oleanders 
Your carnival mirror eyes
report your distorted view of me.

Yes, my shoes are much too big,
so why tie the laces together?

Ok… I know my flower
squirts you in the face, but
only when you touch it. Too bad

it only holds water. Perhaps
the next time you make me fall
I’ll crawl over and pick some lovely
white oleanders for my table. Then,
to make amends for my being

so clumsy, maybe I’ll invite you
to dinner and... oops!

--Wynne Huddleston’s poetry has been or will be published in the Birmingham Arts Journal, Raven Chronicles, The Stray Branch, THEMA, Camroc Press Review, Grandmother Earth XVII, Gemini Magazine, Emerald Tales, Waterways, From the Porch Swing, joyful!, The New Fairy Tales Anthology and others. Her website is

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Glen said...

Evocative and revelatory. Nice piece of writing.