Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Dew Drop...

A Dew Drop Falling from a Bird's Wing
Wakes Rosalie, Who Has Been Asleep
in the Shadow of a Spider's Web

(after the painting by Joan Miró, 1939)

Rosalie asleep
(Or half asleep)
So sensuous
So slight
In her silken gown
She waits
A princess
For a morning knight
To kiss her mouth
And be awake
To be alive again.

The kiss is from
A soaring bird
Dropping morning dew
Upon her lips
Awakened byt the dawn
Beside a spreading
Spider's web.

No knight
No dawn
No dream
On, sweet Rosalie,
Better to sleep
Than be caught
In the shadow of the net.

-Neil Ellman is a retired educator living and working in New Jersey.  During the past two years, he has published 125+ ekphrastic poems throughout the world, including four chapbooks, the most recent of which is The Great Metaphysician and Other Ekphrastic Inventions (Erbacce Press).

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