Saturday, November 20, 2010



Trying to be someone I was hit by a train
Of thought in my youth I thought that
I might someday obtain a personality
A visa into a world of myself who
I am remains an encumbrance
I could just as well do without him he
Has been nothing but a burden a harness
Cursed by genes and countless beatings
Understand I am someone you should
Pass unheeding deep underground

--Steven Gulvezan was born in Detroit and has spent his career as a library director and a journalist.  His fiction and poetry have appeared in over twenty different literary publications.  He is an avid tennis fan, a prolific reader, a member of the Mystery Writers of America and a film aficionado.  He resides in Michigan with his wife, Karen and his dog, Yogi.

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Mark James Andrews said...

Direct & plain spoken...Great poem...Exudes the sort of authority earned by sustained comtemplation.........