Monday, December 20, 2010

From And We All Fall


Don't ever say I won't see it
Be why this autumn feels so cold
And I will take apart my afflicted hatred for pretenses
As I hate life for what you will never do.
Can't see those eyes glaring with freed desire
All so clear
Bleeding edges that stain white lines
I need something more than someone
To give this autumn back to you
One step too close from a cloudy sunshine breaking
And make it last.
You must have to never be wrong
God tells you my secret in confident measure
Live not what you learn while I burn
And I hate you so much.
Everything turning red in my world that blurs
Promised hurt comes faster when you obey
I paid the price for more than someone true
And faith lost for the willing was finding it in you
Nothing like the glow of a smile defined by silent fears
And I want you fiending with freed desire
To know you like that.
Break you, fuck you, kill you
For I gave too much
Don't say I won't see it again
Why this autumn feels so cold.

--Scott T. Swartz enjoyed free will and made his own choices until he no longer could. Life as a simple man, he began creative writing at a very young age and continued until his final diagnosis, after many, of schizoaffective disorder - bipolar type I (rapid cycle). Crawling out of the gap he ultimately began writing after he proceeded to obtain his General Education Development diploma, in lieu of high school graduation and attended a California community college. He also enjoyed writing lyrical poetry which he seeks to be performed in a rock band somehow. All obstacles aside, his choices returned after exhaustive treatment with a dark remainder: his inner tone and favorite past times of listening to music, exploring the internet to manifest future goals in vain, and living life as a free man contemplating a world of limitless potential yet to be revealed in the present tense...which still may be.

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