Thursday, December 2, 2010


Japanese demons are legless and female.
I have a profound respect for the insight of their culture.
The gallery space is cut in four, four lanes,
arms reach out from a central circular room,
centred itself by the internal wave,
the water sculpture of Onchi Koshiro.
The wonders of the present age of art.
The wave always builds, forever climbing,
just the height of a man & yet it appears to be ever-rising when watched.
I have seen visitors fall asleep observing its growth!
Such is the mesmerising power of water.
It never falls, never crashes, never soddens the carpet.
The crossroads are considered evil places for the Japanese.
I wonder if they built the gallery to call on Sha, Oni, Tenga
or whether they just wanted to profane them
by having the display in the shape of a cross.

--SJ Fowler (1983) has had poetry published in over 70 journals & magazines since the beginning of 2010 and his first collection is released in early 2011 by Veer books. He is a member of the Writers forum poetry group and an employee of the British Museum. He edits the Maintenant interview series for 3am magazine introducing contemporary European poetry into the English language.

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