Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ten Thousand Views of a White Hare

Ten Thousand Views of a White Hare

In the lines of this page
They are winking winking
At you
Without pocket watch or monocles
In this sentence alone one thousand rabbits stare
Unnerving themselves and probably you
As you eat your daily brunch
Drink your poison sugar water
To wash away the hamburger’s stain
Which injects madcowness into you-
You will swoon and sway as
The white hares infect you
Cows feel it deeply in their thighs
So they don’t become football hides
Thousands of hares won’t become
Lucky charms for children
Dead wrong
dead hares
Accuse you of killing them for luck
You fell asleep at the wheel
in your fast red car
Slaughtering scores and scores
While your stomach grumbled for dinner
Supper of beefburgers fried with innocent blood
You knew who they were
Does not matter though
you don’t think about it
Though the hares care and wait.

--James D. Dilworth is a  writer and teacher.  He has written short stories, novels, poetry and plays and screenplays.  James publishes Non-Creative Garbage, an erstwhile lit 'zine, from time to time and will do it more often VERY soon.  Check him out at or

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Susie said...

There is not enough poetry that references mad cow.