Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Pieces by J.D. Nelson

Hi! Join the Fun Club!

It's called Fun Club
because it's so much fun
and it's a club!

Saltines and grape jelly!
Mini Cake on your birthday!

Fun Club is fun!
Fun Club is a club!
It's the Fun Club!

Pan pizza!
Root beer!

Don't forget the Mini Cake!
On your birthday!

Join the Funk Lub!

The Fjord Hissed

Denver Zoo. Dawn.

Woozy's bags are packed.

VERB THE FUME: Adios, Woozy, you old mooncalf.

WOOZY NYLONPAUSE: Grilled cheese ain't on the menu, but they still sell 'em.

VERB THE FUME: I like a thin wall of fat on my mammal.

WOOZY NYLONPAUSE: Remember when we ran out of Blue Dr Pepper?

VERB THE FUME: I can't get with that.


Colorado didn't have a star on the flag until 1977. Chee-chaw, muscular knuckles. The welding party is here, Colonel. One rude dairyman. Tape and cake and cakey taping. I eat dirt. It is so good, you guys. Noon, darkest at mid-day. A dollar away, looking for a Sears or a Wendy's. A bottle of the morning at the bottom of the world. Pine is a common surname in these parts. Coleslaw raisins. Morning of noise. The cough of a sick truck. The stomach of noon. Primitive toothbrush socks. Socks, dangit. Faces ready for decoration. Green Testors in a little jar.

--J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words and sound in his subterranean laboratory. More than 1,000 of his bizarre poems and experimental texts have appeared in many small press and underground publications. He is the author of THE FRANKENDELPHIA EXPERIMENT (Tainted Coffee Press, 2010) and NOISE DIFFICULTY FLOWER (Argotist Ebooks, 2010), which is available as a free download. Visit for more information and links to his published work. His audio experiments (recorded under the name OWL BRAIN ATLAS) are online at OWL NOISE 0, his album of experimental spoken word, is available as a free download at J. D. lives in Colorado, USA.


RC Miller said...

"Nubblegum" is outstanding. Great work as always J.D.

J. D. NELSON said...

Wow. Thank you, RC!