Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bees Of The Unseen

the bees of the unseen
are crumbling
like a piece of poisonous bread
the venom of the future
has no taste
I smell the void
a river in Chicago
the coin of the sun
has died in the acid of love
my fingers are moving
like sleeping rockets
waiting for beautiful sunsets
with their exotic dances
touching the skin of my face
with the vivid gathers
on the roof of a star
there’s a breeze of leaves
on the floor of the park
filled with the beam fishes
no days
no waiting liars
in a queue
no future in the sunlight of the tired notes
my steps can be heard on the railway
leading to the shop of the night
the water on the melting sugar of the sand
the acute feeling of loneliness
my fingers on the pages of the book
are like fishes on the shore
licking the sand
let me out
I need light
I need electricity

--Alan Zhukovski writes poetry and prose (as well as music reviews and literary criticism) in English, Ukrainian and Russian. His poetry and art have appeared (or are accepted for publication) at Foundling Review, Poets for Living Waters, Liebamour, and others. His music reviews can be found on numerous sites and in several e-magazines. Alan Zhukovski has published three articles about English and American literature: "Structure, General Significance and Genre Specificity of Synesthesia in Shakespeare’s Comedy" (2008), "Inner Space in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe" (2009) and "Metaphorical Understanding of the Body in the Poetry of Jim Morrison" (2010).

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