Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We’re all suckers
but she’s a sucker and a half
with patches on her back side
just hanging out for laughs.

So blow it out your elbow.
Life is just a wink
in eternity’s cosmic eye
just watching over priests

in a donut factory
deepfrying wisdom flour
into holy carnations
of chocolate nirvana

where you give up conceiving
and you give up perceiving
and you give up giving up
making rings of religion.

Friend, take a match to this
if you take a trip beyond
conceiving of a place beyond
which you can go beyond.

--Born in the past, living in the present, heading into the future, Larry Ziman,, publishes and co-edits The Great American Poetry Show,, a serial poetry anthology open year-round to submissions of poems in English on any subject and in any style, length, and number.

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