Monday, February 21, 2011


the road to the centre of the village
the aberration of light
in the lens of a transparent leaf
makes all contours
lose their meanings
between the hammer of the sunlight
and the meat of clay delivered
by the crack in the asphalt
the fracture of the road-bone

--Alan Zhukovski writes poetry and prose (as well as literary and music criticism) in English, Ukrainian and Russian. His poetry and art have appeared (or are accepted for publication) at Foundling Review, Poets for Living Waters, Liebamour, and others. Alan Zhukovski has published  three articles about English and American literature: "Structure, General Significance and Genre Specificity of Synesthesia in Shakespeare’s Comedy" (2008), "Inner Space in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe" (2009) and "Metaphorical Understanding of the Body in the Poetry of Jim Morrison" (2010).

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Maxwell said...

Really fantastic imagery here. Keep it up!