Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Detestable Agony of Inedible Ecstasy

The Detestable Agony of Inedible Ecstasy

So blissful!
So tender!
So affable!

Eyes aloof, astray
infinite depths away
incongruently posing
in laughter without madness

but my palms
indifferent to details of daily fare
like conversations kept to a medium rare

and my nose

to grindstone locked
all exits blocked
Dissipating into a nightmare
with open eyes
right under my nose

the plot crumbled

in her silence between the words spoken,
spoken silently when she paused.

Persistent deliberation
of cheeky proliferation
what long I have sought
without a word she denied

the a blank canvas
of empty skies
smirking at the hungry earth
habitually awaiting showers
today denied downpour.

So loyal!
So alluring!

--Vineet Kaul, born in Ahmedabad (India), is a musician/journalist who has been exploring words as his medium of expression through poetry, prose and songwriting. Locally he performs as the Troubadour that has almost become his pen-name. His poems and articles have been published in the leading newspapers (The Times of India, The Pioneer, The Asian Age, The Indian Express etc),literary magazines of India and in a handful of Literature and Poetry Journals across the globe. He is currently adding the final touches to his poetry manuscript to be 2011. His work will soon be put up on his blog and can be read at

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love how you bind the real with the abstract. Love the title too!