Sunday, February 20, 2011

Galette des Rois

among all of their objects, 
one may wonder at the souvenir, 
at luck,
at picking up little drops of story, 
in the huge torso of history,
as we eat the world up scrap by scrap
watching for the ring or the bean in the cake 
the proverbial 15 minutes which will elevate a name/
dangle a twitchy string to follow
or wisdom
to evoke probabilities like transgression etc
and in the wind outside marigold flowers
are bright living things 
which in november honor the graves of the dead 
for the dia le los muertos 
the guatemalan women in golden necklaces
beaming out at the world
while rats crawl through holes-in-your-walls, 
and you write poems about souvenirs and 
our interaction with all of the bizarre tangible objects 
which are really
99% space 
well, enough of that, let’s pray 
for the girl down by the 
river with shining rocks gleaming
in her hands
when she takes them home
they will be quick grey lumps
in the air.

--Lauren M. Stevens is a a gardener, musician, visual artist and poet, and has travelled extensively around the rural united states and europe investigating how people today are sharing folk traditions. her writing is a reflection of appreciation existing alongside a curious interest as to questions of space, narcissism, and permanence. in addition to these things some of her main interests are how we can live well in the mysterious body of history,  intuition, making beautiful things for eachother, markets, animals, letters, ancestry, the effects of sound, bees, and how we experience trauma, perplexity, and love.

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