Thursday, February 3, 2011

Personality Tremor

Personality Tremor

Chaos to order,
I stab thermodynamics in the back.
I will not hide in a jail cell
of my own making.
I will never find safety,

Pie doesn’t exist,
especially not in kings,
where only the heart
goes without a mustache.
There is something happening here.
No, why is the answer

I bought the game but it bought me
Cracked helmets, cracked helmets
To each his own, but is the treachery
really necessary?
“In the middle of” in the middle of “In the middle of.”
Trickle down, a personality tremor,
industrialist gabber;
geometry isn’t my strong suit,

--Michael Bagwell lives and writes in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  His recent work has been published or is forthcoming in Dark Sky Magazine, Collective Fallout, Weirdyear, Daily Love, and Short, Fast and Deadly. Blog:

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