Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Phone Booth

Phone Booth

I share so little

on the phone, receiver
behind glass, beyond my reach
I talk to a friend

he calls me pet
I call him sir
I’m his maid
I do whatever he tells me to

it’s never been better
it’s weird
I like it

behind eye wide windows
I’m screaming
tell me this isn’t okay

get me out

drag me
if you have to
before I go too deep

the line is cut
not even a dial tone

--Kella Hanna-Wayne is a native Eugenian and is just acquiring her first publishing credits. She has participated in the 1st and 3rd Thursday workshop group for a year, has a gluten free cooking blog, and is working on a poetry series to raise awareness for abusive relationships. She sings, bakes constantly, dances argentine tango and blues, and loves to put words to what she sees. She hopes to return to college at the University of Oregon and major in English Literature.

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