Friday, February 11, 2011

Pomegranate Stains

Persephone knows the hard truth:
once you eat the seeds,
there is no turning back.
Forbidden fruit always
has a rotten after-taste.
Six months multiplies and we're stuck
in a winter long-enduring.
Our fingers are sticky with guilt,
our guts gnawing on sorrow.
So we remain
under with the lifeless
eyes and open-palmed words like slaps
leaving their imprints on our souls.
The Iron Queen has no pity
for those who take what isn't theirs.
--Christie Lambert is a small-town, southern writer who loves prose and poetry. She is currently obsessed with learning how to play the guitar, and is in real danger of being driven insane by the F Major chord. Christie can be contacted at christiedlambert at

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