Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wearing the anonymity

Wearing the anonymity
I would be a night—
as a step behind
that no one hears,

I pour down like
the quietude
on the parted house,
the living-ones in it,
the—discards—scattered about
that the moveable lights so made
before entering the marquee tents,
where effigies are burnt
to fight off the cold;
where foundries toast
to flesh and bones.

So far away—from the heaven;

my legs are dying
unable to run to the
names—all around
festivals, around
eternal bells to surround;

my hands are shying
incapable to proffer
the pails of perfuming oils
to the Pamir knots.

Don’t let it upset you,
pass me by
for this is my shade
that no one finds;
here I bind myself with
strips of obscure night.

--June Nandy's recent poetry have appeared in Qarrtsiluni, Aphelion Webzine, Hudson View, Up The Staircase Quarterly, and elsewhere. She has an award winning poem in the open poetry contest, 2009 with Prakriti Foundation, Chennai. Her novel, 'Ideospheres of Pain' has been released recently in India which advocates for an ideology-free world. She has been nominated for the best of the Net Anthology 2010 and best of Dzanc Books Web Anthology 2011. She has received her post-graduation in English Literature and is a professional translator for about a decade now. Her poetry and other details can be accessed at: http: She lives with her family in Calcutta.

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