Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love Letters & Other Diatribes16

I have focused on the probable and ignored the possible
many times have I misspoken and deprived the fates
if only I could make the distance between us farther.

I try to disrupt the linear
by aiming straight for your heart
hoping to dislodge you from this earth.

To make you a reflection and possibly an afterthought
as you go on holiday to destroy a cathedral (1)
your two arms are a pendulum. (1)

Between your hands is a severed head (1)
this is how you reflect on the meaning  of life
you view all things as worthless.

I am the fly caught in your web
I struggle daily to get myself free
I will not die upon this cross.

I will not be a martyr for your cause
I will not board this ship of fools
when you see the rats flee, you should follow.

You bark like a dog during three hour sermons (1)
the end result of this pain and struggle will be something greater
because you don’t understand me doesn’t make me wrong, it only makes you stupid.

You are flounced and feathered like a rare bird (1)
with blood soaked tar in your grassy fields
and tangled in a half a mile of weeds.

I wink at you and pretend that I am kidding
we are not talking about real things
only the pathetic and sincere.

You are gathering the patterns and building the structures (2)
wanting your truth to be constructed (2)
but, the core of truth could not be preserved. (2)

You are looking for the service desk attendant
wanting to exchange your life for another
with each exchange you are getting less and less happy.

All the strangers in your sharpened memories
they are too hip to buy your crazy shit
we all know that your higher powers are basically nothing. (2)

Living in the hyperbolic and the grotesque (2)
everyone feels contempt for the sucker (2)
and loses the will for objectivity.

All these pieces become involved with your obsessions
and the audience becomes victims in your ruse
they absorb all the possible twists. (2)

Ghosts trying to drag the real you out of you
once again trying to build for you your structures
so static and simple minded and cruel. (2)

Everything is a commodification as you bend the rules
for the rush of strategy and interpretation
your eyes have been torn out and you become the negative aspects of irony. (2)

1.      “Quicksilver,” Neal Stephenson.
2.      “Put the Book Down and Slowly Walk Away,”  IannisGoerlandt.

--Martin Leonard Freebase lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, daughter, and a black and white cat named “Daisy.” Martin is interested in the creation of meaning, the role of contradictions in creating meaning, and the conflict between a linear view of reality and the fragmentation of life as we experience it.

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