Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love Letters & Other Diatribes17

We have all started at the beginning of your narrative
looping you into the next project
leaving you with the understanding of the outcomes
seeking a resolution to your tensions.

Wanting a construct that provides insight
a bright picture that is easily readable
flat on your back watching the flaws
disassemble and assemble.

You fled from your fears instead of embracing them
making money off the misery
altering your essential nature
and believing it was worth it.

The struggle to surpass your past follows after you
dragging through the streets the accounts of your addictions
unmoored from human embodiment
leading us all back into the reality.

You must be grounded in what you know
grabbing hold of the handle with both hands
wanting the group mind to find your true self
wishing the past was no longer relevant.

Everything is up for grabs
continuing to act on a mistaken belief
spouting all kinds of crap
the exploitation of the weak by the strong.

You divide them up into groups
seeing their moral network as discredited
a thousand clients from all tribes
deconstructive angels in league with tenured radicals. (1)

This necessary attention to language (1)
ultimately blind to the wealth of meanings
the blood is wiser than the intellect (1)
subversively blurs the distinctions. (1)

The power to fuse object to object
that the absence of action revels nothing
it seems to put one’s mind to sleep (2)
this altered state of consciousness.

Without distance and separation
it is immediate as the touch
following after the experiences of darkness
building up the tall tales of freedom and democracy.

We all must return to the dark silence
with our gods packed under our arms
wanting the darkness to be a positive force
the contradictions of your self-deception.

Counting all the failed journeys
the times at sea and your attempts to climb the mountain
they  haunt you in your infantile state
on your door is the sign of weakness.

You have been forced to re-evaluate your hierarchy of values (1)
falling away little by little, you want instinct to rule over everything
to feed the ferocious animal that lives inside of you (3)
a mode of being that is anything but peaceful . (3)

To escape from the isolation
something that the scars suggested
a way forming a bridge across the void
returning to the primal animal. (4)

1.      “Practicing Deconstruction , Again” Nils Clausson.
2.      The blind Man
3.      Sweetie
4.      Carl Jung

--Martin Leonard Freebase lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, daughter, and a black and white cat named “Daisy.” Martin is interested in the creation of meaning, the role of contradictions in creating meaning, and the conflict between a linear view of reality and the fragmentation of life as we experience it.

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