Friday, March 11, 2011

Love Letters & Other Diatribes18

Your real American sadness (1)
broadcast on three hundred channels
updates on facebook and myspace
twitters by the millions.

Your legitimation was set adrift (1)
signal fires to attract the search parties
as we build your midnight wall (1)
you only want to go so deep.

To confront the realities of your life frightens you
as I hold your hand to the fire
reading the lines in your forehead
and speaking to your demon.

Wanting to figure out the magical
to bring us all along with you
managing our subjective interpretations
as you thrust the Barbie doll  into unimaginable places.

The gods are snapping polaroids
and they are praying to you
because you are so self-important
to us all, really you are.

I know I couldn’t live without you
so sick and very twisted
and the voice comes out of your asshole
it sounds just like you when you are tripping.

You know, that voice of God that you use
giving me things that I couldn’t get otherwise (1)
like the broken dreams of a tortured soul
that shit is just to fucking precious.

To me anyways
unpacking your hard feelings
you get so jealous, when I smile
one hundred percent and totally wrong.

1.      “David Foster Wallace,” Laura Miller.
--Martin Leonard Freebase lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, daughter, and a black and white cat named “Daisy.” Martin is interested in the creation of meaning, the role of contradictions in creating meaning, and the conflict between a linear view of reality and the fragmentation of life as we experience it.

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