Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Pieces By Catfish McDaris


 The frog sized cockroach
sat on the lip of the toilet
challenging me for existence

I'd just welcomed the butter
golden sun on a aqua velvet
veranda surrounded by cacti &
a crimson pomegranate bush

The Kafka nightmare shot me
the finger & smiled, it had to go
I tried to crush it for a sewer
burial, it clung to the bowl

Like Hercules, antenna wiggling,
prehistoric bubble eyes glaring
now it has probably metamorphosed
into a human writing about me.

He Escaped Siberia Twice
for Frida y Casa Azul

My earthquake fingers trembled
in the ice axe holes in Trotsky's
bedroom wall in Coyoacan in the
city of Aztec ghosts

Stalin's assassin succeeded, now
Leon's ashes are sprinkled in his
garden of guavas & lime trees.

We're All Waiting

I face death daily,
mostly with a smile

Running with bloody
dream wolves, that can
out howl the wind

I am Tibet
I am a Kachina shaman
I am love & fear & hunger

A blink of time
a baby's cry
an old man's tears

Gaze into my clairvoyant
eyes & see horizons forever
forever waiting.

--Catfish McDaris is a journeyman bricklayer & just finished a 30 year gig at the post office in Milwaukee. He's been published widely for 20 years. His most infamous chap is Prying with Jack Micheline & Bukowski. His work has appeared in NYQ, Rattle, Louisiana Review, Chiron, Haight Ashbury, Pearl, Main St. Rag, Slipstream, & Cafe Review

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