Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Unspoken

 He crouches his conscience
on the bed corner,
sheets like unadulterated mistakes
crumple his discomfort
into a desire to be laundered;

his lover turns her lips
to the wall;
she coils her passion
and moulds it between
her sadness and anger;

an antique chair mediates the scene,
unspoken judgement drafts parchments
folded and waiting to unravel;

his hands shun each other,
splay lifeless on his lap;
she bares her hip to the chair,
a plea to dissect the bruises
and engage truth.

--Bruce Millar is an artist living and working out of Toronto, Canada, Bruce writes everything from kid’s poetry to erotica, humorous stories, pungent jokes, musical parodies, meditation music, short stories and whatever else validates his parking. Bruce recently created a 100,000 word writing collection of the aforementioned styles and has a collection of black and white illustrations, oil drawings, comics and humorous images. Find him on twitter under the saucy moniker 'kissmytweetass.'

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