Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vespuccianisms (Wetpoochicanisms?)

a spine running up shivers
run-down spine
winter as season and winter as age
shiv cuts the crap
shivaree is Yankee charivari
and that is what Japanese might
(but did not)
make of chalivali
an Old-French word for the discordant sound
made by someone banging pots and pans
no wonder
that American slang adopted
a modified version of the word
to mean serenade
another French word when spelled
a word with roots in

staircases nudes descend
spines shivers run down
pans pots bang

one may well wonder what alterations
Amerigo Vespucci's second name
would have undergone
had that been chosen

and if it would have made any
to J.T. Adams'
dream definition

--Levi Wagenmaker (1944 - ) is a retired journalist, living in the Netherlands for most of the year, and in France for some of it, with two bitches, one of whom is a dog, and lately, with another young canine male.  Enamoured life-long with language (and languages), for reasons immaterial to the act he writes poetry in English only, even if he could most likely manage it in a few other tongues.  His poems have been published on line more than in print, and Google will tell the curious what, where, and when.

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