Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Voice

If there is a flower in my ear, would you let me touch it?
Yellow throat seas see
Wolframine Rye tastes good for kings
Living one step away from a janiform
His name was Livingstone P.E.
He was scribing what it feels like to wear a rhinestone thing around
your neck
Informing A LIe YAh, A?
In the eyes of a Biera
A nostalgic testimony
The presentation of a Zen Koan Harmony
Sound of the Centismal
Dispatched in a crying decahedron
He was an infomaniac with a sophomanian vinous complex
It is synthetic simplicity of the stylish rehashing of some new kind of
Dressed in a solferino vintage garment
Whom speaks in chronogramical anagrams for a mathematical catalyst

And the Echo
Yellow Roses at the Sea
MayFlower Erin
like Chouette I. M. in IT
In agromania I fly
Enveloping ‘Tis Frija ‘N ‘Mo said he
Swift-Stealing I.C. Herb
who is Uncranked, I Or You?
Fireboy Sea-z A
much the same as An Megalocytosis T’in, N o T!
Non-Sympathizer Ornate-En’ in it
with a Foundation-Less M.C.
In an Adenohyperstenia Grid marked dc dc c/-
influenced by Connexion-alism of which I.M. P r OOF, Chap, in
A quiet A.M.
named Itch Hi Hay Toy
First Endeavoring in Elodes’ –S
leaving the audience in Kinematographical Coat Hangers humming M’M’ s

--Hala Hoagland, secretly known at times as Al-Logaha Hand, is an American poet-writer and former teacher living in Algeria. She describes her search for artistic authenticity, as “that moment that you are just about to break and throw yourself into self hatred forever and you find that piece, that origin of your self that become the words as art that you want to share. Some days it is in the surreal trance, some days in the brain experiment lab or just moments of random head-banging, but, always in the dialogue with your soul. It is an experiment to find something new, some border not yet crossed in this insane ride we are on.” She is working on being published around the net and hopes to land in ink one day soon. Her blog is grossly neglected and needs to be paid more attention to, but still is a place to visit if you get some time at,

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