Monday, May 9, 2011


you left me
betrayal fires
the cloudless day

by your burns

like wrists
in a straitjacket

the passing violence
comes hunched

& bent, &
the stench of saliva
I grow familiar

jessica & I
here a theresea
there here is theresa here

piss yourself,
yes, that’s nothing

we bought one hundred & fifty
razor blades from
a poundshop

why do I need so many?
to clean
your arms

you were never beautiful
your father named you

--Steven J Fowler has published poetry with nearly 100 journals & ezines and had chapbooks published by Oystercatcher, Arthur Shilling, Zimzalla & the Red Ceilings amongst others. He edits the weekly interview series Maintenant for 3am magazine and is the author of two collections of poetry, Red Museum (with Knives Forks and Spoons press) and Fights (with Veer press). He is a former professional fighter and a current employee of the British Museum.

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