Friday, May 13, 2011


10:01 is a numerical palindrome.

Living on dried apricots
a dollar a box
from the chain drug store
at Vandos and Fifteen,
the roue character
curtains of snow
between a row of pebbles
and the dead calico cat's paws

frogs from the bayou
fall into the planters of fuschia
a long way from Louisiana
and the wedding
will be held
at a motel
right off
the closest
state route.

No marmalade
ever again.

--Mike Cluff is a full time English and Creative Writing instructor at Norco College in southern California. His eigth book of poetry Casino Evil was published in 2009 from Petrogylph Books.

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donalmahoney said...

I have never before read any of the poems by Mike Cluff but the two shown here on Calliope Nerve verify that he is far better than the average bear. The man cares about language, not an errant syllable.