Saturday, May 28, 2011


A blood-stained eye
Subtle callings from distance/ nowhere
Back-held where the sky-womb lapses
Extracted fingernails of the night/ lapse again
A severed tongue of…
Birthed verandas of absences silences
Walls lapped clean of excreta
Chalice clear speech/ never of the sun

--Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976) His work has appeared in various print and online zines, including Carcinogenic Poetry, The Recusant, Sex & Murder Magazine, In Between Altered States, Horror, Sleaze & Trash, Negative Suck, Graffiti Kolkata, Danse Macabre, The Plebian Rag, Full of Crow, Fashion For Collapse, Fragile Arts Quarterly, Clockwise Cat, Sein Und Werden, Milk Sugar, The Medulla Review, Counterexample Poetics, Heavy Bear, Indigo Rising, Widowmoon, etc. In the past year he has authored a number of chapbooks, including 'The Gathered Bones', (Calliope Nerve Media), 'Final Fragments', (Calliope Nerve Media), & 'The Death-Streaked Air' (Virgogray Press), 'Debris', (Erbacce-Press) & ‘The Rapacious Night‘, (Calliope Nerve Media), 'Unto Naught', (Erbacce-Press). A longer collection of poems, 'Attributes', is forthcoming from 'Desperanto' in 2011.

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