Friday, June 24, 2011

From The Book of Corporate Prayer

Help me to love the Corporation
that gives me employment,
to go beyond
what is an acceptable level of productivity
in corporate society,
to always do more than is expected
to further the cause of profitability

Almighty Corporation,
ruler of all the peoples of the earth,
we pray,
our shortcomings as workers;
purify our hearts to see and love the bottom line;
give wisdom to our executives
and steadfastness to our employees;
bring us at last to what you consider a fair wage,
whose foundations are your mercy,
your justice,
your goodwill,
above all,
your continued profitability

Use me then,
my Corporation,
for whatever purpose,
and in whatever way,
you may require
Here is my poor person,
an empty vessel;
fill it
with the grace of employment by you
Here is my idle soul;
quicken it and refresh it
for your profitability
Take my mouth to spread abroad
the glory of your name;
so that
at all times I may be able to say from the heart
My Corporation needs me,
more than that,
I need Him

you give the great commission:
Heal the bottom line and preach profits
Help us witness to your purpose
you call us to your service,
that the world may trust your promises
for as long as you're willing to keep them;
give us all new fervor
You may hoard as private treasure
all we so freely give
And Corporation,
you bless us with words assuring us
we will be with You as long as we serve Your ends

O Corporation,
when you give to us work,
grant us to know it is just a beginning,
will continue on down to the end,
until it be thoroughly finished,
when it yields the true glory,

let us ray
for the continued complacent complicity
of the nine old men
(some of whom at any given time
will be women),
that they may keep considering us persons
now and forever

--Michael Ceraolo is a 53-year old civil servant/poet who has had one full-length book (Euclid Creek, from Deep Cleveland Press) published, plus a few shorter-length books and numerous magazine publications. The poem The Book of Corporate Prayer is part of a growing collection entitled "The Business of America."


Anonymous said...

Love it.

Craig Shay said...

Thank you for taking a very courageous stance.