Monday, June 27, 2011


all-nude jail peanut butter broke jittering wooden toy bug anal probe
many uvula kilowatts Wookie uses to wake her
purgatory loves its stereo:
Heineken hates its pleats:
school teachers hate their asscheeks:

it is all cleansed and submerged in the backwash of a very spiritual B-Movie about marsupials

quilted, disposable liver!
what an insane cardio staple-gun!
how the tear ducts remain dry as they shudder!

--Tyson Bley walks dogs, bakes cake, and works as a nuclear physicist for a living. He writes mainly about these experiences. Find him at


RC Miller said...

As you're aware, big fan of your work Tyson, and this poem is especially brilliant.

Nobius said...

Tyson is the man.

Tyson Bley said...

My day's been made, Miller. Thanks.