Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stronger Than Dirt

When I'm bad
hurt, forget all

hell, listen:

take me to the sax
player's bungalow, bell tower
on the corner of Marine Drive
around midnight, color of rose
quartz, six stories below
the power station.
When nothing else
helps, before extreme
unction, so's to hear
sax man blow

the screaming
coda solo from Touch Me
by the Doors. Been said this
reed man, he done it before,
really heals

frozen arteries from a house
on Marine Drive, in the style
of summer wind on sea cove,
on a long stem, he blows
those glissando

When I'm maximum
hurt please drop me
at sax man's wash, toss
these breaths in the bell
of his horn, bathtub coda
for the clean

--Dennis Mahagin's poems and stories appear in Juked, 42opus,Exquisite Corpse, Stirring, Absinthe Literary Review, Northville Review, elimae, Night Train, Storyglossia, and Smokelong Quarterly. He's also a staff editor at FRiGG magazine.

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