Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tree of Pearl

There across the clearing
Of rising grass and weeds,
Parallel to our dinner train—
The rushing highway.

Beyond stands an army,
Soldiers dressed in green,
Lined to form a wall,
The battalion ready for war.

Out in front and to the center
A ghost is standing.
Such contrast against the emerald line,
Pearl-white and gleaming bark,

Leafless branching;
It looks as bone.
The trunk splits,
A twin is formed;

Conjoined, they share the roots,
And drink as one.

--Wesley Dylan Gray is a writer with a flair for the dark, the twisted, the beautiful, and the strange. He resides in Tarpon Springs, Florida with his wife Brenda and daughter Elizabeth “Ellie” Jadzia. His poetry and prose has appeared in various small press magazines and anthologies. Find him online at

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