Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Hidden Word

Making my way to you
across the room, throbbing
music pulsing, thumping
in time to the beat of
hearts all around, I might
linger awhile and speak
a casual word to
persons unknown to you,
insignificant folk
not worthy of your fears
and jealousies because
there is one thing we share:
a meeting of the eyes
perhaps, or even just
a chance fleeting glance
is enough to be sure.

--Ian Chung is Fiction Editor at The Cadaverine. His work has appeared in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Foundling Review, The
Cadaverine and Poetry Quarterly, among others. He was nominated by Camroc Press Review for Sundress Publications’ 2010 Best of the Net anthology. Currently, he reviews for The Cadaverine and Sabotage. Since October 2010, he also edits Eunoia Review, an online literary journal.

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