Thursday, July 14, 2011

If You Want It To Be Easy

Don’t shuttershock light back into quarks.
Don’t have staring contests with the man on the moon
reducing him to a high-school nerd of an asteroid
fumbling all over undiscovered space and sky
until he crashes into adolescent galaxies
with all the debonair of a prepubescent black hole.

Don’t challenge the stars to cross their eyes when they don’t have any.
The next time you want to make a wish,
they’ll organize a meteor uprising
as a boycott against falling for you.

Don’t break men in half
when they are made of millions of atoms
and half-lives
and so half
is, in all logical reality, a half-hearted copout.

This universe is in love with disorder,
so why break
when you can be a ball-buster?

Fall together.
Come worldly as they come.

When the world tries to stop you in your tracks,
rewind yourself forward.
Finish in the past tense.
Love like you were dying.
Live as if stopclocks waited on your every gasp and heave
to declare mutiny from mortality.

There are formulas for forever hiding in your fingertips.
Swallow your shortcomings.
Act like you know.

--Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory (a.k.a. Phoenix) is a poet, scientist, editor, activist, life-lover, caffeine-junkie, and connoisseur of all things carpe diem and light. Editor-in-Chief of the online poetry journals Borderline and Anatomy & Etymology, she wants to change your world, one word at a time. Her poetry has appeared in journals including Four and Twenty, Troubadour 21, The Legendary, and Spoken War. For more info, visit

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